Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Quotes and Vans -- Bourbon Chase 2010

  • "Haircats $5"  (Spotted on a sign while lost in Lawrenceburg.)
  • "Maybe it's a tribute to the plague."  (Ashley, on the halloween decorations that have ghosts making a circle around a tree...and what it all might mean.)
  • "Superheroes don't cry...and they don't chaff either!"  (Words of encouragment yelled to one of our runners.)
  • "Looks like I have to do the DQ straddle again."  (My new phrase for manuvering into or out of a tight the bathroom stall in a Frankfort DQ.)
  • "It's me...Mike!"  (Shouted by my husband as he ran past our vehicle during his final was dark and we couldn't see him.)
  • "I'm five months pregnant, and I've been to six different distilleries this weekend.  I'm out of the running for 'Mother of the Year', aren't I?"  (Me, making an observation about the weekend -- the runners handed off to their teammates at six different distilleries during the race.  Don't worry, I didn't sample...I just find it a bit funny.) 
  • "You're the girls from the bathroom!" (One of the ladies from Children of the Fermented Corn running past us, who we chatted with while waiting for a bathroom stall earlier that morning)
  • Ashley:  "...And he was drafing that girl..."  Alisha and I: "That was a guy."  (Ashley had difficulty recognizing gender this weekeend.) 
  • "First of all, he wasn't wearing a mask this morning.  Second, we were in the middle of making a Pocahontas video."  (Ashley, on why we didn't see one of our runners go by.  Yes, there is a Pocahontas video out there that involves Ashley singing "Colors of the Wind" and me blowing bubbles.  No, I don't have it.)
And a few of my favorite team vans from this weekend: 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said... make me giggle! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

EverydayMe said...

funny!!! {{hugs}} Michelle