Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bourbon Chase Road Trip -- Saturday Morning

I woke up Saturday morning to find that Mike had texted me sometime around 6:30 to say that he would start his 2nd leg in about 30 minutes. So by the time I was awake, he was already running. (We had no plans of catching the 2nd leg...I wish I had heard the text so I could have texted him back to tell him good luck.) The runners went to Jeff' (the one who got rained on in the previous post)'s house to clean up and get a couple hours sleep. And that's about all the sleep they got.

So, we got ready, put on our matchy-matchy (matchy) "Roadkill Wives" t-shirts (oh, I forgot to mention that they named their team "Team Roadkill"), and packed up the vehicle.

But before we left, we needed breakfast. Lots of older, burly guys in the motel lobby, and we got the feeling they hadn't seen females in a very long time...lots of stares. Maybe it was the matchy-matchy (matchy) t-shirts that said something about roadkill. :)

And, of course, it's not a real road trip until you see something kinda bizarre. And get your picture taken with it. For us, it was the fire hydrant in front of the motel that was painted to look like a sheriff.

And then we set outto find where the guys' (and Joanna's) 3rd leg would start. That took us to the Frankfort area...beautiful scenery! If you are ever in Kentucky, please, please, please take a drive through horse-country. It's breath-taking.

So, after figuring out where we needed to be, we still had some time to kill before the team got started. So we went shopping. :) I love this photo of Ashley (who's maiden name is the same as another famous Ashley with Kentucky roots).

After a little while, we got a call from the guys saying they would be a Johnny Carino's if we wanted to join them. The three of us are big fans of The Office, so the idea of them eating Italian food conjured up images of Michael Scott's carbo-loading from the "Fun Run" episode.

We showed up to an almost empty restauraunt. (Some people close a place down...our guys get there so early they open the place up!) The exhaustion was evident...and they all had one more run to go.

At least Joanna was still perky! :)

Our server was awesome -- she snapped a picture of all of us together before we left.

Oh, and we picked up the 4th member of our group -- Alisha!

Mike showed off his secret to staying warm.

We finally used our signs! Notice Brian's sideways-jazz-hands running technique (take that, Chi Running)...

...which Ashley was kind enough to re-enact. :)

And then it was time to go our separate ways...even though we were more or less heading to the same place...

Next up: modeling t-shirts, waiting in empty driveways to ambush our husbands, and the big finish!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ok...besides the very fun photos u be showing here...i am like totally stuck that your friends name is (was) ashley musta have been a p.i.t.a. growing up with that!!! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Tiffeney said...

I love your naration of the events! Can't wait for next year!

deana said...

Oh how FUN! Kuddos for the runners & yay for their supportive wives! :-)

Melonie said...

Love your re-telling of the story. I was laughing as if I was there:) Did you ever see the Office episode where Michael Scott tries to order food in Italian? When he totally botches it and orders something like Moogily boogile then the Nard dog and Dwight start yelling at the waitress give the man some Moogily boogile! Oh it's priceless.
Hope you are feeling better soon. We are sick at our house too.

Beth Perry said...

hey sweetie!!! how are you!
what a bunch of fun pics and I always love a good road trip!
love the fire hydrant and the big group shot the best.
hope you are having a great weekend!