Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bourbon Chase Road Trip -- Friday Night

Last Friday night, I went on a road trip with two fantastic girls (we picked up another fantastic girl along the way...more on that in my next post). Our husbands were running in the Bourbon Chase -- a 200-mile relay that goes along the Bourbon Trail in central Kentucky. I'm pretty sure we might have been the only consistent cheering section to follow a team throughout the race. Which makes us pretty awesome. :)

Ashley, Tiffeney, and I left from Ashley's house around 4 on Friday evening. Our goal was to catch each of our husbands (and Mike's cousin) as they ran. Their legs didn't start until around 8 that evening, so it gave us a little time.

We saw interesting things (if you look very closely, you'll see that someone has drawn Wilson from Castaway in the dust on the back of the trailer).

We had a little time to stop and eat...

...and stop for ice cream and directions at Sonic. Ashley's aunt Doris met up with us so we knew where to stop.

The first runner we stopped to cheer on was Mike's cousin Joanna. Actually we had to stop several times, because she was going too fast for us. Definitely a good thing. :)

We stopped at Kroger for the group photo.

And one more with Ashley and Doris.

Then we drove on to catch Mike on his first leg. There was a lot of waiting going on. So we took silly pictures.

And cute pictures. :)

We kept checking in with the van.

Oh, and why did Ashley feel the need to jump out and take a picture of the stop sign?

Because of the ginormous bullet hole going through it. Yes, we were in the middle of nowhere.

It was difficult to take pictures at night, so this is the best one I got of Mike.

Our itenerary for the night...

Proof that we were in the middle of nowhere during Brian's (Tiffeney's husband) leg...or so we thought...

While waiting for the next runner, we realized the previous place was a metropolis by comparison.

As we were waiting for the last of the first legs to finish up, we met up with the van at a gas station. The guy in this picture is Jeff, our former youth minister. Poor guy was the only one who had to run through the cold rain.

Finally, Forrest (Ashley's husband) made it past our vehicle. Oh, funny story. Apparently, the gas station we were waiting at is frequented by prostitutes. And we were sitting in the parking lot for about 20 minutes or so. Thank goodness we weren't solicited!

After Forrest finished his leg, the team loaded up to get some sleep (a whopping two hours!) while the guys in the other van did their running.

It's a good thing, because we were sleepy. :)

So we checked in to our motel for the night.

Next up: a fire hydrant, Ashley Judd, and awesome t-shirtness. :)


Inka said...

what a fun road trip you had! :)

sarah said...

great pics!!! :) looks like you all had a ton of fun. my fav pic is the gps in the mid of nowhere! ;)


hope you are doing well!