Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos, school, and happy mail

July was a great month for photos. I still have a couple of days left, but I'm so happy that I've been able to commit to most of the photo-goals that I set for myself. (Diptych kinda fell through, I guess...again...if anyone wants to diptych with me for August, shoot an email to Because I really want to complete a whole 30 days. Third times the charm, right? And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, look here.)

School is less than 3 weeks away (or, five days away if you're my husband). I love back to school shopping. I went to the store to buy makeup (because I just realized that I ran out at the end of May...I don't wear much makeup in the summer). And I came home with all of this:

Yes, there are 750 drinking straws in that photo. Because we do a lot of hands-on design activities in my classes, and the only straws that I can find around here are bendy. So when I saw these (not bendy AND colorful) at Meijer, I got all giddy and bought three bags. Something tells me I'll be back for more...

Oh, and here's some happy mail that I received the other day from the oh-so-fantastic Amy Lapi! I won a giveaway on her blog, and she sent me all these nifty things!

She also sent me one of her prints. Given my love for Starbucks, I'm pretty much thrilled. :)
And just to put in a plug for her, you can find all of her fabulous prints here.

Also, a new challenge will be posted tomorrow over at These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. This one is my favorite so far...yes, I know that we've only had two. I have a feeling the phrase "my favorite so far" is going to get a lot of use with these challenges. :) I'll be back later to share my layout.


Jocelyn said...

Love the Happy Mail....that was awesome to receive....and the school supplies are wonderful...I always was so excited to get new school supplies!!!!! Have a great day!!! :)

Beth Perry said...

Girl, I STILL can't quit talking or thinking about SIS!! I don't care if it has been over a month! lol
And I am making another SIS mini. I have too many other pics that I want to scrap (like our blurry one..I just love that one for some reason) :D
Hope you are having a great week! Love your happy mail!

owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

hey, i'll dipthy with you! i still have a month off before school so have time for

Melonie said...

I love back to school shopping and happy mail is always the best!! Thanks so much for the camera advice you made me laugh. I can assure you that if I went mountain biking I would have more problems than a broken camera:) LOL! Hope you have a super rest of your summer!

amy lapi said...

so glad you loved it, doll :)