Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sunday was grocery day for the Bess household. We both dread it, so we're desperate for ways to distract ourselves. Who knew that the cereal aisle can be an amusing place.

We decided to pass on the sugar frosted flakes because we thought they might taste like fish.

We learned that iguanas like fruity puffs. Ew.

And we couldn't tell if this box was full of cereal or bees. The bear appears indecisive.

Also, is he bathing in the cereal?!


deana said...

Kind of an odd marketing thing they have going on... Maybe the illustrator doesn't understand English? LOL! :-)

Jocelyn said...

How cute are these boxes. So different from anything that I have ever seen!!! Have a Happy Day :)

Melonie said...

Ok agreed. Those are the strangest cereal boxes I've seen in awhile:) I just did the dreaded grocery run tonight..ugh. Hope you have a good week.

sarah said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! :) okay, that's way too funny!

hope you had a great day!


ps-i posted something for you on my blog. :)

Beth Perry said...

hahah those are cute! and funny!

AuroraTN said...

Maybe post these on FailBlog? :)