Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday was....

Waking up under a heavy comforter.
6 degree temps.
A purple scarf and red vintage flower pin.
Going to work while Mike stayed home.
Beef jerky and goldfish for lunch.
A 6th period exam that everyone passed.
Getting crafty while waiting for a Windows update.
Lots of grading.
A new video camera to play with a work.
A sweet surprise from a sweet friend.
Being too tired (perhaps lazy) to cook dinner.
Writing an engineering exam.
Packaging gifts.
Being tucked in by my husband.
Prayers of thanks that the day went better than expected.


jenniferp said...

that scarf and pin are the BEST EVER!!!
sooo cute!
i hope that you guys have a merry christmas!!!
love ya.
jennyp. :)

Christina C. said...

Merry (late) Christmas and happy New year's to you!