Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Tis the season for crafty things

I want to make stuff.
Christmas stuff, to be exact.

I did make this collar for Lola. It took about 15 minutes to stitch up. And only thirty seconds for her to remove it.

I am loving all the great decorating/craft ideas I've been seeing over the last month.

I especially love this one, and am in the process of making a small one for the cute tinsel tree I picked up this weekend (for $4!!!). I love that it's so simple to make.

I want to make some of these. Total cuteness.

I made this wreath, and then I shrunk down the pattern to make ornaments. I made a last-minute decision to give the ornaments as gifts to friends and extended family this year. The cardboard is a bit of a pain to cut out. Literally. But the end result is so worth it.

I want to make this wreath, too. Because you really can't have too many wreaths.

And these would be lots of fun to make.

Seriously, next year I'm gonna have to start Christmas crafting in June. :D

But I'm ashamed to admit with all the exciting craft ideas swirling around me, I have not put the Christmas tree up. Hopefully Mike and I will remedy that issue this weekend.

Oh, and I have some crafty goodness of my own to share. But you'll have to wait until they're posted here and here. I'll let you know when that happens.

Off to download some festive songs!


ellen said...

oh that collar is too cute! good luck on making all that stuff ;)

sarah said...

i tried dressing the cat up, and he hated it! heheh. at least it was there for 30 sec, right?!

love all those cool crafty ideas you linked up! i might have to try some of those.