Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I love a good challenge.

And two challenges are twice as nice!

This is the first Scrapstars challenge for December...scrap your Christmas list. Except mine isn't nearly as exciting as my husband's...since he actually made one this year. Yeah, it's a first!

There's also The Pretty Committee's first challenge of the month. What is the one thing that you want for Christmas? My big wish is to have the 22nd and 23rd off of work, like most every other teacher in the area. I'm still holding out for snow days... :)


Inka said...

wow, amazing pages, as always from you. :)
go to my blog, i awarded you. :)

sarah said...

i just realized that we are BOTH on pretty committee and scrapstars!!! woooot! go us! your layouts rock! :)


Cathy said...

i love your scrapstars wish list page. the colros are perfect and not to christmas-ey.

Linda said...

Oooh looking good girl! Love em both!!

Charin said...

Love that 22nd and 23rd page, cute!! :)