Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yay for Fall

But first...

They came in 3rd. That's okay...he found his confidence, so that's important. :)

I made this for the RVKC challenge. Love the idea of a scrapbook in a jar. And I love fall. Too bad it seems to be slipping away much too fast. But winter comes in a close second as my favorite time of year. Because as much I enjoy a cool, crisp fall day, snow days rock.

Check out the RAK going on over here.

I am so excited about Thanksgiving! I wouldn't have said this a couple of weeks ago...I was kind of dreading it. My family celebrates Thanksgiving at my grandma's house. The grandma who passed away last year. She was very clear that she wanted the family to continue gathering even after she was gone. So we do. But it isn't the same, and that hit me hard last weekend. But it will be good to see everyone. It's just being in her house and knowing that she won't be there that is so hard to take in.

I'm so happy to have some time off. It's been a crazy 2-day week. Crazier than most 5-day weeks. I keep thinking I have to work tomorrow. I'll probably wake up in the morning thinking I've overslept.

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sarah said...

thanks for playing in my RAK!! i totally love your latest project, and i can't wait to see what layouts you have in store for the next upcoming challenge.