Sunday, November 9, 2008

It was a good week.

Our Election Night Party was a blast! We just took the streamers down today...they were just so much fun to look at. :) Here are a couple of photos to share.

I found my Christmas gift project while we were at Barnes and Noble today. I'll share it soon. I'm very excited, mainly because I can make these gifts for roughly 50 cents each!

Check out this girl's etsy. Her journals are fabulous, and she's a total sweetheart, too!

I bought this last weekend! Elsie never fails to get the creative juices flowing.

Found this when I was looking for Dancing with the Stars clips on YouTube. Lacey totally blows me away, and watching this dance gave me chills.

Have a great remainder of the weekend!


Inka said...

what an amazing dance! i hope we could also see dances like that in the finnish version. (altough i don´t know when it´s going to be on again...)
can´t wait to see what kind of gifts you´re going to make for christmas! this year i´ll be hanging the pretty tree i got from you last year to our christmas tree :)

sarah said...

that party looks like soooo much fun!


Jessica said...

Wow, awesome election night decorations! Sounds like a fun time was had. I'm also a Lacey fan! Awesome!