Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A photo-riffic post!

Fun day -- Christina came to my class to speak to my students about photography careers. She and her fiance did an awesome job, and it was so great to see her again! (btw C, I seriously want to find a day for us to go out for coffee!) It's great to see someone her age with such amazing plans -- and great things in store for her!

Wait -- did I just say "someone her age"? Sigh. I sound old. :)

While talking blogs this afternoon, Christina reminded me today that I've posted more scrapbook pages on my facebook account than I have on my blog! Ooops...let me fix that!

This one is my "This is Me Journal" -- favorite shoes. Mike calls them "granny shoes"!

This one is of my friends' baby boy...such a cutie. Love this photo of him with his mom and dad!

Our homecoming was this weekend. I haven't had time to edit photos, but I wanted to post a few anyway!

This is Sandy. Otherwise known as "college mom".

The class of 2002...well, not all of us. And I'm pretty sure this photo won't wind up in the Alumnus magazine. :)

Jeannine gathering candy after the parade!

After homecoming, I went to Jenny's 25th birthday sleepover! So much fun! I hadn't been to a sleepover in years!

The birthday girl!!!

Jenny had a pillow fight tournament...complete with brackets! :)

And the winner was...

(that's me without my glasses, in case you didn't know!)

Have a great day!


Christina said...

Bekka, first of all-thanks so much for inviting us to speak to your classes!!! Very fun, although I have to say you have an amazing ability to do what you do. I would go crazy, and I think you're mildly crazy to put up with some of the stuff you do!! Thanks again Bekka, I'll start planning for next year with some song and dance included (and candy!)!! haha
Secondly-awesome photos!! Thanks for putting more of your journal up-they're soooo inspiring!!!
Lastly-you look beautiful without glasses!!! :)

Inka said...

hihi, congrats on winning the pillow fight. :)