Friday, November 16, 2007

It was a great week for mail!

I got this in the mail yesterday...Tania had a contest on her blog a few weeks ago, and I was very fortunate to have won! The neclace was made by Lisa Leonard, and I think it's so pretty! :)

And I adoped a Little Traveller! Her name is Finna. These Little Travellers are made by women in South Africa affected by AIDS...the proceeds go to the women who make them, and to the Hillcrest AIDS Centre, which provides, among other things, medical care, education/awareness, and income generation for families affected by the disease. Leigh-Ann made them available on her blog for adoption. Tania is doing the same, if you are interested in adopting one.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I only have to work two days next week! Woo hoo! :)


Christina said...

OoOoO....pretty necklace!!

tania said...

i am so glad your neckace arrived!!Love your little traveller - she is sweet

Kendra said...

Isn't Lisa Leonard wonderful?!

(saw you in LA's comments...thought I'd say hi :))

Diane Lovell said...

Love that necklace! I also saw you over at LA's comments.

Inka said...

your little traveller, finna, is very sweet-looking. :)
and that necklace is also amazing..

Christina said...