Sunday, July 15, 2012

My first refashion

I love reading blogs like ReFashionista. I'm super impressed by the creativity that it takes to make something wearable out of something that's past it's prime. Last year, I found a hideous dress, and decided to challenge myself to make it wearable (in this decade, anyway).

Loved the print...but only the print. 

Check out the shoulders...why yes, they are padded.

Because this was my first refashion, I didn't have a clear idea of exactly what I wanted to do with this dress.  Originally I wanted to keep the top intact, minus the sleeves, ruffles, and shoulder pads.  But that didn't seem to be working, so I chopped off the top. 

Again...LOVE the print.  Also love the book in this shot...Where's Dave? :)

Next I took the dress in 3" on each side.  I folded over the top, and stitched it all the way around.  I sewed up some of the longer extra pieces to create a long sash.  I cut a notch in the front center of the top hem, and threaded the sash through to create a halter. 

Pair it up with a short sleeved cardi, and I can leave the house without embarrassment! 

I see this becoming an addiction...I can easily imagine myself begging friends for ugly clothes to support my habit. ;D

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Inka Alasentie said...

The dress looks great! I mean the one YOU made. :D