Monday, February 2, 2009

Ashes to ashes, moisture to moisture

The temperature soared into the 40s today.
Not good news for Herr Schneemann.
His head fell off.


Melonie said...

So sorry for your loss Bekka. He'll be back again someday:) hehe

Jen said...

bekka! i thought of you with all of the bad weather down your way.
it is not much better here, although minus any heavy ice like you had to deal with.
thx for stopping by my lonely little blog these!
i love the look of yours now! esp your new banner..take care xoxo

sarah said...

oh no!!!! poor snowman!!!


Stephanie Joanna said...

wow Bekka, I hadn't visited your blog in awhile and it sure has changed! I'm sorry to hear about your snowman. :o(