Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can I share a secret?

One of my favorite bands is Hanson.

Yeah. I said it.

Gotta share my all-time favorite. This is my go-to song when I need a jolt of energy.

And yes, I even like this one. Especially stripped-down like this.

Now that I've got that stuck in your head, have a great weekend! :)


Inka said...

i love mmmmmmbop. :)
hanson was one of my fave band when i was younger. and i still sometimes listen to them.
good choice bekka!

Jill Deiling said...

i like them too!! :D Thanks for putting them up there, it was nice listening to them! hehe. they've all gotten pretty hot now that they're older too ;) teehee.

Linda said...

My one husband's old favorites! Ok that's just weird. And he's not ashamed to admit it either. LOL! I didn't know they were still together!

Jessica said...

I love Hanson as well! I'm a kid of the 90's- they were my first concert, and I've loved them ever since. In an mmmbop they're gone...

sarah said...

wow i haven't heard hanson in a while! that's awesome! :) hehe.