Monday, February 4, 2008

Today was a great day!

This is the first day I haven't wanted a soda! No craving. A little headache, but I think it was sinus-related (because Kentucky weather is was 60 degrees today...we may have snow by Wednesday night)! Mike was finishing off my soda stash tonight, and I didn't even try to kiss him to get a taste! lol

And it was a great mail day...both on the giving and receiving ends! I sent out a package to my happy mail partner at SIS, plus cards for three swaps. And then I came home to see that the guy in the brown truck had left a package with my neighbor -- my Studio Calico goodies! Cute stuff -- I've already made a page! This has been in my head for a week -- not how I expected it to turn out (I think because I'm not too fond of my handwriting), but I still like it.

Saturday was a great mail day, too! I recieved some lovelies from Veronica's etsy shop. Her stuff is rockin' -- check it out if you haven't already!

And of course, the daily cards. I keep forgetting where I left off with these!

My mom got a new job -- she's so excited about it! :)
I gave up soda on Wednesday...
...the transition was not easy!
We're reading I, Robot in Engineering class. Apparently I am breaking some sort of unwritten rule by not showing the movie! lol (Oh, that's Veronica's robot -- cuteness!)

My Saturday morning was crazy...I had write a couple of checks to pay some bills. Put the "cash" check into the rent envelope. Mailled it. Had to get to the bank by noon to withdraw cash. Called Mike sobbing as I drove home. Got behind the mailman. Prayed he would turn down my driveway -- he did. Retrieved the check!

Have a great day!


Sharmaine said...

I love your cards Bekka!!!!
The layout is cool, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR HANDWRITING.... Say it with me!!!

Lisa said...

yay you supported veronica's shop! how awesome!! love the way you used it on the card!

dang, that sucks about the rent envelope, but so glad it got resolved!

yep, sharmaine is right. your handwriting is just fine! no one else in the world has it :) i've learned to accept have to too! hehe

tania said...

whenever you talk to people who have lost someone in their life, they always talk about how much they cherish the handwritten things. Not that I am thinking you are going anywhere, but remember only you have your handwritting. Unique and special!!!! Love your daily cards as always!!!

Christina said...

Congrats about the soda!! give me motivation to cut of my coffee. My teeth need some whitening time!!