Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun weekend!

Mike and I went to Cincinnati yesterday. We saw the Real Pirates exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. I so wish I had photos, but alas, they did not allow photography. :( It was so much fun, though. I thought the exhibit idealized the pirate culture just a bit, but it still brought up many ideas that I had never considered. To top it off, we found out that the Bodies exhibit will be there in January. Mike got to see that one in Cleveland, but since he was with a group of students, he was rushed, so we will definitely be going to see that one.

We went to Half Price Books, and then finished the day at Jungle Jim's. The world's most awesome grocery store period. Well, except that they didn't have any Milka. But I received news today that makes up for that (more about that later). :) We bought duck legs, lychee, lychee juice, Hit cookies, spaetzle, Izze...and I found this:

Dr. Pepper with cane sugar. No high-fructose corn syrup! I can't wait to try this (yes, I'm saving it for just the right time). At $1.89 a pop, I have to make this experience count. (And yes, that pun was totally intended!)

Oh, yes, back to my chocolate woes. I checked my Google Reader (wonderful tool that keeps up with all the blogs I like) today and found out that I won a blog contest!!! There is even a slide show of my name being drawn -- how awesome is that? I won chocolate from Finland, and a cute, cute, cute handmade bag! I found Inka's blog through Leigh-Ann's blog, and I have no idea how I found Leigh-Ann's blog. :) Inka is from Finland, and she is on the Freckled Nest design team, and she's an awesome crafter (and quite the button collector, I might add).

So I'm going to borrow an idea from Inka. Her blog contest was in celebration of her 50th post. I'm on post #38...50 is just around the corner. When I reach my 50th post, I'll have a drawing. What will I be giving away? Not sure will probably deal with scrapbooking or food. Maybe both. I have 12 posts to think about it! :) Just keep an eye out for it.

Have a great day!


Christina said...

Jungle Jims is the best!! I've heard that Dr. Pepper and Coke are so much more enjoyable without the corn syrup...

Congrats on your award...that is such a great idea!! I might have so see when my 50th post will be!! :oD

Inka said...

I sent the prize for you today!! :)