Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've been having fun...mostly.

I went to Keeneland (a race track in Central KY) for the first time ever! Yes, this Kentucky girl had never been to the races, as difficult as that might be to believe. My friend Kate flew in for a few days with her totally adorable family -- I haven't seen her in about two years -- and educated me on the ways of horse racing. I had a blast, and I am so going back! Oh, and I lost all of $6 that day. My first bet was on a horse that finished -- I'm not kidding -- last! Whatever the opposite of beginner's luck is, I have that. I also bet on a horse name Handcrafted (what crafty gal could resist that opportunity), and on a horse named My Pal Charlie. Because I have a pal named Charlie, so it seemed appropriate.

Spring Break was last week. So of course I caught a cold. And it stuck with me. All week long. I did not scrap at all during my time off! Today was the first day I felt close to normal. Maybe I'll finally do something this weekend. I'm in a creative slump.

I ran my first 5K on Saturday!!! Even though I finished somewhere 36 minutes (I think -- finishing was kind of a blur), I did not stop for the entire 3.1 miles! Oh, and I'm really slow. (As if the 36 minutes doesn't give that away!)

Oh, and I neglected to mention that I'm in love with Raggedy Andy.

Long story short: Since the 5K was held during the Raggedy Ann Festival, Mike made the comment to his friend Forrest, "Wouldn't it be funny if we ran in costume..." Of course, Mike thought the chances of this happening were slim. Forrest (the one in the dress) found them. Complete with striped socks.

And yes, I did try on the wig.


Tim and Jenn said...

I saw the pictures of Raggedy Andy on facebook, but now it makes a little more since! I'm on spring break now, and I was sure I was going to be sick too...that's always how it goes! Luckily, I'm good so far! The end of the year is right around the corner!!!

Traci said...

i cannot believe u had never been to keeneland!!! i LOVE IT. i worked there for 3 years. i would love to work there again but it doesn't fit w/the kids schedule.
great job on running the 3.1 miles!! i don't worry about my times, my goal is finishing!

Melonie said...

Super cute pics! The races sound like fun. We have a track within 15minutes of us and I've never been. My Mom and Aunt are going for NY's version of the Kentucky Derby. I may have to tag along.