Monday, August 11, 2008

And I thought I was busy before...

School starts back tomorrow! I'm actually excited. We're going from four 90-minute classes per day (with alternating sets of classes) to seven 50-minute classes per day. In the past, I've noticed a tendency to loose students around the 60-minute mark, so I think the shorter class will work in my favor. Oh, and on Sunday, I spent 12 hours at the computer working on curriculum for the year. Ugh.

Let's review:
Students = Yay
Curriculum = Ugh

See. We're reviewing things. I'm already in teacher mode. :D

On Saturday, I did this:

I have my Master's degree. Finally. Amen.

By the way, I think deep down I only wanted the Master's degree so I could get the awesome sleeves. And do this:

Being dignified is so overrated. :D

And because I feel bad for holding out on you all, I will finally share photos from our mission trip. I'll start with Krakow, because that's where the trip started.

For me, this photo captures the essence of Krakow. I loved the center of town -- lots of stuff going on, but it didn't feel rushed or busy. People seemed to know how to take it easy.

Lots and lots of street performers. They were fun to watch.

Mike + maps = happy. Mike + ginormous map = really happy.

My husband is very resourceful. He bought the phone card he is holding using no less than three languages. (First he asked, in Polish, if the postal worker spoke English. Then he asked for a phone card in German...not sure why, but it made sense at the time. Then he and the postal worker spoke English.)

The name of our hotel literally meant "the hotel under the castle".

This is the castle.
This is the Wisla River (pronounced vee-swa, because the "l" should have a slash through it, making the w sound. I don't know how to make and "l" with a slash through it.). This was right across from our hotel.

Doesn't hubs look like he's going to jump somebody?

This sign made me smile. I was on the lookout for children carrying giant lollipops across the street.

Gelato and lodi. Loves it. (And check out that light fixture!)

"Hamburgery" is a fun word. It makes me think of "tomfoolery", but with hamburgers.

Next from Wisla.


Sharmaine said...

Yay Bekka on the Masters!! WELL DONE!

metrochic said...

You are a smart AND funny little Bekka and I adore you! Congrats! (Lollipop girl!)

tania said...

congratulations on the masters!! wow!! thanks for sharing photos!

Kate said...

CONGRATS on graduation!!

Rhi said...

congratulations, lady!
that is such a wonderful achievement :)

the photo of your hubs lurking around a corner made me laugh, lol.

i had 6 50 min lessons at high school. was much better. seeing as they say the average attention span is 10 minutes or something!

Melissa said...

YEAH! Congratulations on the Master's Degree! It is such a huge relief to get it accomplished and finished!

Have a great day of school tomorrow. I had mine today it wasn't too bad! I have lots of talkers...and way too many boys!

Inka said...

good luck for the new school year!
and gongrats on the master degree!! :)
also, nice pics from poland. can´t wait to see some more. ;)

Charin said...

Yay!!! Congrats on the Masters, that is wonderful!!!
Great pictures :)

Linda said...

YAYYYYYYYY!!! BEKKA!! That's SO awesome! Congrats and big hugs to you!! The photos from the mission trip are great too! TFS!!

Debee Campos said...

yummy lolli pop sign!!!!
i need one of those ;)
man it sounds like you guys had an awesome mission trip
LOVE that. I hope you get some scrapping done and congrats on being God's hands and feet :)

you rock!!!