Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random tidbits...

Wow -- long time no post! I'm drowning in a sea of end-of-the-school-year stuff. Standardized testing (yuck!), grades, restless students...

And my grad class starts next week. Oh joy. (Actually, it's a networking class, and I really like the professor, so it shouldn't be so bad! Just the idea of driving there two night a week after work gets me!)

I'm totally hooked on playing Scramble on Facebook!

Haven't done much scrapping lately...just haven't felt creative this week. But I did finish my page for the next Scrapstars challenge...let me just tell you guys that the next challenge is going to be so much fun!!!

I started jogging last week -- I think I'm trying to shape up a little before my 10 year high school reunion in June. I haven't let myself go that much, but I'd like to get myself into some of my clothes from a few years ago. The last time I jogged, I got pretty far...I don't know any exact distances, but I know it was far for me! :)

And I'll leave you with this picture: Lola jumped onto the exercise bandwagon, too! :D


Lisa said...

wow she's getting so big!!! how crazy!

good luck with the end of the year stuff. it seems to always be a hectic time of year for everyone!

kudos to you for jogging! i need to get my ass in gear! the swimsuits are taunting me!

Raquel Daroda said...

I found your blog at SIS! I love your scrap, cards... I will always come here! Kisses

Charin said...

I wish I could get the determination to run!! Hate it...hate it! :) haha

Jill Deiling said...

its so freaky how lola looks just like my cat! shes so cute!
good luck with your jogging! I need to really start doing that too, yuck.
I hope you get unbusy soon so you can start scrapping again! :)